What is a control valve?

Control valves automatically regulate pressure and/or flow and can be used for any pressure. If different equipment systems are operating at the required pressure/temperature combination of the 300 level valve, and sometimes (where the design permits) all selected control valves will have 300 level interchangeability. However, if no system exceeds the rating of class 150 valves, it is not necessary.

Globe valves are commonly used for control and their ends are usually flanged for easy maintenance. Depending on its type of supply, move the disk through hydraulic, pneumatic, electric or mechanical actuators. The valve regulates flow through the movement of the plug relative to one or more ports located in the valve body. The spool is connected to the stem, which in turn is connected to the actuator

Ningbo Henshine precision machinery co., LTD. Is a global auto parts supplier. It develops, manufactures and markets solenoid valves for diesel high pressure common rail systems, automotive refrigeration systems, industrial solenoid valves and other precision components. The main items are: SCV fuel control valve and high pressure common rail control valve. We always adhere to the "focus on quality, the pursuit of excellence, not too much" business philosophy, in order to meet market demand, service customers, and dealers around the world work together.

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