How to choose Suction Control Valve manufacturer



Suction control valve (SCV) It belongs to a precision part, mainly to control the fuel pressure of the common rail engine. SCV is in great demand, so he has a large market. So how to choose an excellent SCV to increase your sales?

Suggestions for choosing SCV

Now all kinds of metering valves on the market, mixed, then perhaps a lot of people will ask how to choose a good metering valve?

1. Price Factor

We all know that suction control valves are generally more expensive. Suppose, there is a control valve product retail price is 100, A manufacturer gives a price of 90. The B manufacturer gave a quote of 60. At this time obviously b given the price is more attractive. Most people would consider choosing B, which is the wrong choice. We should pay attention to thousands of do not go greedy for cheap choice b.

Have you ever wondered why the b manufacturer would offer such a good price? It is possible that b product quality is not good, or he is a product in research and development, carelessly you may become a "test product". When you buy such a product for sale, your brand reputation will be severely damaged.


2. Product quality

SCV is a precision accessory, so it has high standards for quality. We need to find out whether the cooperating manufacturers have relevant certification qualifications. Ensure that the purchased SCV is in line with international standards.


3. Perfect after-sales

this point is very important. A professional sales team communicates with you and answers all the questions before the transaction, which can reduce the misunderstanding between the two parties. After the transaction, it can deal with a series of problems you have encountered in the product and protect your interests from being damaged. Such a manufacturer is worthy of our trust.


Chinese suction control valve manufacturer

With the improvement of technology, Chinese suction control valve manufacturers are more and more popular with foreign customers. The number of scv products exported each year increases year by year. This shows that China's SCV quality is reliable and worth choosing.


Ningbo hengxinhe precision machinery co., LTD., is a global auto parts supplier, mainly engaged in the r&d, manufacturing, and sales of solenoid valves for diesel high-pressure common rail engine oil supply system, solenoid valves for an automotive refrigeration system, industrial solenoid valves, and their precision parts. 

Among them, SCV fuel control valve and high-pressure common rail safety control valve are our core business. Our products sell well all over the world, with many countries in the world have friendly trade relations, have a good reputation. 

We have been pursuing the quality goal is to customer satisfaction ≥90 points, customer return defective products PPM value ≤0PPM.



If you need different types of Suction Control Valve products, please contact us. Or log in to our website:

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